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What clients say

Five words about SJO Investments: They are loaded with talent. There is not one subpar or mediocre person that you will encounter during your selling experience. Ryan or Nick and sometimes Ryan and Nick will meet you whenever and wherever to evaluate your property and explain with clarity all of your options. Don’t be put off by their youth. They are knowledgeable and respectful. In the office, Miss Lindsay was in constant contact with us about the closing process. She is the light because you will never be in the dark about the status of your sell. She will email, call or text whichever is your preferred method of contact. She is part therapist, tactician, problem solver, and just a good soul. We signed with SJO in late October of 2018 and completed the closing at the exact date of our choosing. It is hard to know who to trust in this kind of process. We had never done this before, and we were worried that we would be taken advantage of. Upon reflection, we are so grateful and relieved that we did not choose as we nearly did that more well-known advertised investor…you know the one with the dated caveman mentality. SJO thanks for being compassionate, flexible, exceptional communicators, and fair with your best offer. Rick and Cynthia T.

Rick, Los Angeles, CA

Great company and excellent people to work with. They made the process of selling my home easy and stood by all their promises. Will definitely contact them again when it comes time to sell.

Joanne , Cypress, CA

We owned 2 rental homes that were next to each other, but we had moved out of the area, making management and repairs difficult. I contacted SJO after receiving a letter from SJO expressing interest in purchasing the homes. I was very skeptical but gave them a call. I received a fair offer, which I accepted. While escrow was pending, SJO was always very responsive to my questions. Escrow closed on time and without any problems. I really appreciate the friendly and professional manner in which everything was handled. Thank you, SJO!

Bryant , San Pedro, CA

SJO exceeded our expectations for a Santa Ana rental property they purchased from us and since we are out of state, they handled everything for us, making the process very easy. They provided a fair offer, agreed to our desired closing date, assisted in moving our renters, and provided excellent communications throughout the process. I would use them again if I had another property to sell in CA.

Jeff , Santa Ana, CA

Thanks, SJO for the smooth transaction to sell my parents rental house. I would recommend to all my family and friends. Thanks, SJO

Tim, San Bernardino, CA

We sold our rental property to SJO Investments, LLC who handled all the details of the sale in a professional and efficient manner, thus receiving 5 stars. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with and recommend them highly to anyone searching for a responsible company with whom to do business.

Joanne, Yorba Linda, CA

If you have a real estate dilemma, SJO Investments can help you resolve it. Due to work reassignment we had to move out of state to south FL. We have owned, loved and enjoyed our home in Ca and wanted to keep it. We leased it to a tenant. For several yrs. Due to distance and work we were not able to return to the home so decided to finally sell it! I contacted SJO INVESTMENTS and they were the perfect match for all our needs. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to stay in Ca for the closing they made this sale extremely convenient for us in every way. I made one phone call to SJO, got an immediate return call, same day agent on site, appraisal and best offer above any other company’s offer. They were exceptionally professional, sympathetic and compassionate to my personal concerns about our home. Terrific Escrow services, quickly moving with us through the process step by step, full disclosure of every legality and state requirements I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND SJO INVESTMENTS LLC to anyone in need of the best honest, knowledgeable and professional company…SJO is the best choice ever! They listen and deliver!! Thankyou SJO! C.and L. Love

Cherry , San Bernardino, CA

I found working with SJO Investments to be rewarding, reliable and very user friendly. Ryan from the acquisition team very friendly and attentive to our needs. Lindsey was very helpful, informative and made the entire process flow effortlessly from the signing of the paperwork thru the closing of escrow. Of the 3 investment companies I contacted, SJO Investments was the most responsive and offered us the highest value
for our property. We were to have a 30-day escrow and escrow closed 2 days sooner than promised with no aggravation and the funds were delivered to us the following day.

George , San Bernardino, CA

We could not be happier with this transaction. From Ryan meeting us at the property on a Sunday and agreeing on a purchase price within days, to Lindsay keeping us informed, it was the fastest and easiest real estate transaction we been in to date. If we ever need another fast transaction, we will be back!

Lori, Mira Loma, CA

I cannot say enough about SJO. Not only it my first real estate experience at selling a piece of property after my husband passed. The house had lots of work that needed to be done and it could have turned into a nightmare. SJO gave me a fair price. Scott went above what was expected of him with a tenant that was very slow in finding a new place to live. I would definitely use them again. Thank you SJO staff! You guys are the greatest.

Lacy , Los Angeles, CA

Recently sold my property as is condition to SJO after a buyer backed out last minute while in escrow. They tried to get me to lower the price. Called SJO instead, gave me the price I wanted and the closed faster than the 30days. Can’t say enough about the entire team, always kept me updated till the funds where in and escrow closed.

Dan, Ontario, CA

Working with SJO Investments, LLC was a pleasure working with them. They answered all my questions; staff was very nice and helpful too. They are a very honest Company to work with. Thank you

Karen, Torrance, CA

SJO is the best. I have never been treated better. They are the fairest nicest and most cooperative people I’ve been lucky enough to deal with. They handled the entire trans action I didn’t have to do a thing.

William, La Puente, CA

We recently found ourselves in a situation where we had to sell some property “as is.” We contacted SJO Investments and reached an agreement. They were excellent to work with, completely reliable, trustworthy, credible, kept us informed and courteous. No surprises…everything went exactly as planned. Their staff was so professional. I could not give them a higher rating as we are completely satisfied..

Roy , Monterey Park, CA

I can’t say enough about SJO. Not only was it my first real estate experience but the sale of this home was a very sensitive situation where a family member refused to leave. The house had lots of work that needed to be done and it could have turned into a nightmare. This company gave a fair price, Ryan was great, Scott went above and beyond what was expected of him in helping out with the tenant/unhappy family member and they paid for all the costs involved that I would have normally been charged for. I would definitely use them again. Thank you SJO staff! You guys are awesome!!!

Lilly, Lawndale, CA

I’m writing a short thank you on the closing of my late husband’s house, everything went well. My advisor was pleased with everything. As for me, you guys made everything easy at this time of grief. That meant the world to me.

Diane , Torrance, CA

SJO Investments was the best call I could have made. I spoke with other investors and was NOT happy with their offers. SJO Investments didn’t make me feel like my home of 21 years was a piece of crap (it did need a lot of work, but what do you expect from a home that didn’t have many upgrades since 1953…lol) like the other investors did. I liked that Andy came prepared and showed me how much the houses sold for around my area, because like I told Andy I did my homework too. It really showed me that they were on top of their game, unlike the other investors. Cassie was great too; she was very sweet and courteous. She always answered my questions. The only CON (meaning bad) was the lender they were using, but Scott the owner was great in handling it. I was surprised to get a call from him personally, this company actually cares, which meant a lot to me. Other than that, I would definitely recommend anyone in wanting to sell their home “AS IS”, because you would for sure get the best offer and the best customer service. Happy Customer

Laura, San Bernardino, CA

SJO Investments was the best call I could have made. I spoke with other investors and was NOT happy with their offers. SJO Investments didn’t make me feel like my home of 21 years was a piece of crap (it did need a lot of work, but what do you expect from a home that didn’t have many upgrades since 1953…lol) like the other investors did. I liked that Andy came prepared and showed me how much the houses sold for around my area, because like I told Andy I did my homework too. It really showed me that they were on top of their game, unlike the other investors. Cassie was great too; she was very sweet and courteous. She always answered my questions. The only CON (meaning bad) was the lender they were using, but Scott the owner was great in handling it. I was surprised to get a call from him personally, this company actually cares, which meant a lot to me. Other than that, I would definitely recommend anyone in wanting to sell their home “AS IS”, because you would for sure get the best offer and the best customer service. Happy Customer

Laura, San Bernardino, CA

Feedback In The Year 2018

What can I say about SJO? I just want to first off by saying Thank you, Scott! My dad has been scammed a number of times and I finally decided to get him out of the property where he was residing and move him in with me. Add insult to injury he had also started to become the cat whisperer and a hoarder. It seemed like an impossible situation but with a little gentle nudge, he agreed we could get rid of the property that he had lived in for 72 years and join me in my house. SJO came in, they were very clear and concise. We had some hurdles to overcome and Scott and his people moved some mountains to make this deal happen. I am so appreciative of the work SJO did for us and in the end, I will be sending others to work with this outstanding company.

Calvin , Cudahy, CA

I had a home that had been in our family for many years, and no one had really done much to improve the property. My folks both passed away, and my brother was living there, and a year ago, he also passed, leaving me to sell. The problem was, that the whole property, including the house looked like an episode of hoarders, and I know it would have taken thousands of dollars to fix it up and remove all that stuff.. cars that don’t work, endless stuff all over. I not only didn’t have money to invest in the cleanup, I was also on a time issue according to the living trust, since both parents were gone. SJO Investments were literally the first and only ones we contacted. They came out and checked out our mess, gave me an offer that was very fair, and all the stress was gone. Didn’t have to worry about how to deal with all the mess, was given the time to remove what we wanted, and walk away from the nightmare. The representatives for the company were awesome, and we had the money for the property in about two weeks. My hats off to Chris, for making this situation go away with no hassles or complications. I highly recommend this company be your first call, should you want to sell your property. Very professional.

Janet, Hemet, CA

SJO was wonderful. The price they gave us for the sale of our mother’s house was fare and above what we expected. They also offered help to our brother to relocated and help selling his excess stuff. We would highly recommend them!

Joe , Lakewood, CA

My experience with SJO investments has been very good. They are honest and fair to deal with. Escrow closed in less than three weeks. My husband and I are thankful to have found them. Thank you SJO and all the staff for a great experience

Margaret , Lomita, CA

the experience of selling my property to SJO Investment totally satisfactory. They Kept their word in every respect. They were concerned about my situation and most helpful and courteous. I would recommend them completely. *** P

Don, Fontana, CA

First of all, I wanted to say that selling a house not an easy task to manage. I wanted to sell my house my as fast as I can at the right price. SJO Investments were very respectful and did not force me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Long story short, they helped me with the process from start to finish of escrow and they even forward me an advance so I can move in to my new place. I would highly recommend this business if you are in the market to sell your house with some needed work.

Randy, Buena Park, CA

Had a great experience working with SJO Investments! We tried selling our home with a reputable local realtor for over a year with no luck. We hired a professional stager and still no luck. Our agent thought it was time for a new strategy, they suggested we move out and restaged the property like it was a model home. A new strategy was in order but that wasn’t it! We decided to sell the property to an investment firm and save the relator commission fees. After interviewing three investment companies we chose SJO Investments. SJO Investments came to the house and gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse. They followed through on their offer and we closed the house within three weeks. In addition, SJO Investments allowed us to stay in the house after it closed for an extra month due to a personal family health issue. Bottom line, we should have done this a year ago and saved us the stress and aggravation associated with selling a house. The team at SJO Investments were great to work with and they treated us like family through the entire process, Thanks SJO Investments.

Eugene , Long Beach, CA

Amazingly easy experience. I was made an offer and within 2 weeks escrow was closed and funds were deposited with absolutely no hassles. Everyone was nice to work with and no one pressured me. I would work with them again

Norma , Beaumont, CA

I would highly recommend SJO to anyone looking to sell their house. They did everything they said they would and more. Cassie and Maddie were very understanding of my concerns and held my hand through the whole process. When I ran into an unforeseen problem, they even extended my deadline to move. It was a pleasure working with SJO during a stressful time in my life.

Deborah , Lakewood, CA

Just after her 95th birthday, my mother-in-law made the decision that it was time to give up her home of 65 years and move to a Senior housing facility. She had some savings but it was evident that she would need to sell her house to provide additional funds to provide comfortable living conditions. The house, sad to say, required a great deal of work and significant expense to bring it up to normal sales condition. SJO was the solution. Within a very short time they made a very reasonable offer that the family accepted. There was never any pressure from the SJO team and we were able to close escrow with a minimum amount of paperwork in less than 30 days. Kudos to SJO!

Richard , Long Beach, CA

SJO did a fantastic job. The offer was satisfactory and the process was easy on their part. Literally what they said they could do in 30 day is exactly what they did. It was highly impressive. They catered my needs and concerns. Even though I ran into a bit a a issue they did everything in their power to rectify the situation and completely took care of it. Very happy with their service and I would definitely use them again in the future.

Anthony , Altadena, CA

Feedback In The Year 2017

Selling our aunt’s 50 year old house to SJO was a straightforward, businesslike experience. We had considered updating the house ourselves to make it sales worthy, but didn’t like the up front expense, personal time commitment, sales commissions and price risk of going the conventional route. So we contacted three companies that buy houses “as is” without realtors. SJO stood out as the friendliest, easiest “flipper” to deal with. No irritating low-ball nonsense. They offered us a competitive price, short escrow and no surprises. We are completely satisfied and recommend them highly.

Jim , Cerritos, CA

I highly recommend SJO Investments for a quick, efficient, problem-free sale of your home. Escrow closed 16 days after I accepted their offer. The owner came out with his trained staff and inspected my home, took time to sit down with me, explained the process, and answered all my questions. Besides being very efficient his staff was courteous and kind. You will enjoy working with this company and receive wonderful service.

Joyce, Corona, CA

From start to finish SJO made the process easy. they offered a fair price right off the bat. communications were easy to make and the staff was more than helpful. everyone made sure all my questions were answered, I am very happy with our transaction!

Gary, Long Beach, CA

I would highly recommend SJO investments, they helped me out in an extremely tough time. After my grandma passed away, her home was left vacant and was getting broken into left and right. Scott came out to look at the house, and even with all the break-in damage, he still quoted me a very fair price for the house, right on the spot. We ran into a couple difficulties during the sale (payoff quotes, living trust issues, etc) but Scott and Jessica were very quick to solve any problems that came up, answer any questions I had throughout the process, and kept me posted with updates. Even with the delays we ran into, we were still able to completely close and walk away from a very stressful situation in about 3 weeks! Scott and Jessica even went out of their way to help me out with upfront money to take care of bills and moving expenses during the process. I will be using SJO investments for another house I want to sell as well! Cannot recommend enough, thank you so much Scott and Jessica.

Amanda, San Bernardino, CA

SJO Investments did a wonderful job of buying my wife and my property in Corona. We originally purchased the house in 1979 and lived there, raised our children, added on to the house and kept it as one of the nicest “cottages” in the neighborhood. Unfortunately we rented it out 8 years ago and these renters (no names…OK we are forgiving but don’t believe smearing this family – wish them luck and hope they learn to respect other peoples property) COMPLETELY Destroyed the place. SJO, Cassie & Scott sent their people in, quoted bought and completed escrow very quickly. In fact their service closed Escrow in 9 days – some sort of record! Anyway if you get into a situation like this and don’t want to fix or reinvest Sell it to SJO Investments, You’ll be back on your feet quickly with no worries. Thank You guys!

Damon, Corona, CA

Selling my house with SJO Investments was an easy and painless transaction! Their attention to the customer is awesome and they make you feel at ease through the process. They guide you through every step and best of all… I FEEL LIKE WE BOTH WALKED AWAY WINNING. They offered me a very fair price for my home and really helped me out in a moment of need. I would finitely recommend them to my family and friends in a blink of an eye. GREAT JOB GUYS! AND THANK YOU!

Bryan, San Bernardino, CA

Let me just start off with these people are amazing! At first I was a little skeptical since there was no fees to me at all. We wanted to move out of state and move quickly. Scott came to look at the house and offered me a price right then. They are easy to talk to and treat you like family. Quick to respond to questions or issues we had. They even took care of sending money to our new house out of state. They made my process easy and painless. If I had to do it all over again without a doubt I would use this company. I would highly highly recommend them. It’s not some fly by night company that doesn’t care about you at all. After we were done selling my mom went through them to sell her house as well! It was a GREAT experience.

Courtney , Moreno Valley, CA

SJO Investments was the most positive experience I have ever experienced when dealing with real estate. Their initial cash offer for my property was appropriate. The minor problem issues were resolved quickly and to all parties satisfaction without any hassle. If you have real estate that you need to sell quickly i suggest you consider SJO Investments for a quick and pleasant experience!

James Welton, Riverside, CA

I had an amazing experience while selling my rental to Sell Now 4 Cash…..
First, they actually did what they said they would …and they treated me like family ….
The girls in the office were great …Andy and Chris came to the house and they were great…
Then I heard from the owner of the company, Scott …He called to make sure I was happy …It meant a lot to me to here from him…
I was doing a rehab that went south and they bailed me out …YAY !!
No fees of any type and a 5 week escrow …couldn’t be happier

Don , Menifee, CA

I had an excellent experience working with SJO Investments. Everything went very smooth from start to finish. I called to make an appointment to have somebody come and look at the property. He showed up on time and made me a fair offer. Escrow started that same day. SJO was in touch with me throughout and escrow made sure all the paperwork was in order. The whole process took 3 1/2 weeks. They notified me escrow closed and the funds had been sent. Very smooth transaction.

Mike, Fullerton, CA

Feedback In The Year 2016

Working with SJO Investments was a positive experience. They meant what they said about everything we discussed and even gave me extra time when I had trouble with the moving company coming when they said they would. I would recommend SJO investment to anyone who needs cash fast and a fair deal. Thanks for everything.

Michelle, Hemet, CA

We sold my wife’s mother’s house in Yucaipa, Ca last year through SJO Investments and found the process quick and painless, although there was a slight delay towards the end. We were a little apprehensive since the team seemed so young, but found them to be very professional…

Hoovers, Yucaipa, CA

All of our dealings with this business has been positive. I would like to say that every turn and every roadblock SJO was there to negotiate the way for our family to relieve ourselves of the pressure of selling

Carrie , San Bernardino, CA

I had a very good business experience working with SJO. From the start of negotiating price and terms they were very professional and straight forward. They went further than expected to accommodate my need to have an extra couple days to finish getting odds & ends clean out.

Jim, Dana Point, CA

This investment company made it very easy for me. Excellent customer service with no problems.

Tony , San Jacinto, CA

I had an excellent experience working with SJO Investments. Everything went very smooth from start to finish. I called to make an appointment to have somebody come and look at the property. He showed up on time and made me a fair offer. Escrow started that same day. SJO was in touch with me throughout and escrow made sure all the paperwork was in order. The whole process took 3 1/2 weeks. They notified me escrow closed and the funds had been sent. Very smooth transaction.

Mike , Fullerton, CA

SJO Investments was honest & patient in the selling of my cabin. They are still giving time since December ’16 to pull out remaining property from both inside & outside. They gave a better price & even helped by paying for a mobile notary on the final paperwork. I recommend them highly especially when u have a time frame of financial need. Couldn’t ask for more.

De De, Big Bear, CA

Scott is awesome! We sold our rental property, with the tenant still in the property. Scott was flexible and offered alternatives so that we could still close quick and fast. We did just that. His team was great and communication was second to none. I would definitely do business with him again.

Hilary , San Bernardino

I would like to let everyone know that SJO Investments is top notch all the way. I needed to sell our house quickly at a fair price and Scott made that happen, the figures quoted were honest and extremely fair. Scott did above and beyond what I hoped. I was afraid as our family was moving out of state in 3 weeks and I wanted all of us to go together and SJO made that possible. I received emails every step of the way reassuring me we were on time and what to expect. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asked.

Kelly , Temecula, CA

I just want to tell you SJO investments has to be the easiest most efficient company I have worked with. They took the time to explain any questions I had about the process of selling a house I had that was in an estate. We had hiccups that happened along the way and they took the time again to explain everything in terms I understood. They were always very fast to get back to me when I had questions. They are super kind and never made m e feel like I was a bother and they never made me feel like my questions were stupid. I highly recommend them and I would work with them again in the future if I have a chance. Jessica and Scott are awesome to work with.

Melodie , Riverside, CA

My husband started working out of state in October of 2015. He was unable to get home very often. So we decided we needed to move to the town where he was based out of so he could come home more often. Since the recession he has had to work more keeping him away from home. And we have not had very much money to keep up with repairs on our mobile that was built in 1991. We lived on an acre full of weeds that obviously were not being maintained since he was not home. We thought for sure we would just have to turn the home back over to the bank and walk away. There was no way we had the money, or energy to make the home or property appealing to a family to spend the amount of money we still owed on the home. At the last minute after seeing billboards all over saying “We buy ugly houses”, we thought what the heck all they can say is no. So we called. Jessica and Scott from Sell Now 4 Cash came out a few days later. We were just asking for what we owed on the property to get out from under it. They said ok and had us sign papers that day to start the process. It was painless. They had a few contractors come through to look to give them estimates but always with my ok at the time frame. It took a little over 30 days to close and that was only due to our mortgage company being slow at getting paperwork over to escrow. We left town before it was completely over. The escrow company is a 3rd party not involved with Jessica or Scott. When it was time for any of that paperwork to be done, we dealt directly with the escrow company. They sent us all the paperwork. One of the papers was missed and they even sent it overnight it to our new home to get the process finished. Every one was easy to contact with questions. They were all very nice. I would completely recommend them to anyone. It was a great feeling that we didn’t have to foreclose on the property. And some new family will get a great house remodeled. That’s all the poor house needed was some tender loving care and it is ready for 20 more years.

Thanks so much to Jessica and Scott for helping us!!!!

Pat and Candice , Menifee

I had a family member who recently passed away, leaving me with a piece of property that I quickly learned was upside down in debt. Living out of state from where this property is located, I lost all hope of selling it. I received a letter from Sell Now 4 Cash. As always, and this time was no different, I considered this piece of mail just another marketing tool that would waste my time and energy. So I tossed it to the side. A few days later I picked it up to throw it in the trash. Instead, I read the letter again and decided to make the call. I spoke with Jessica and then later with Scott. Both understood and supported me through the process of selling the property. Working with Jessica and Scott and their knowledge of the Real Estate market, eased my fears, worries and hesitation to move forward. The property is sold and I am happy I made that call. I highly recommend Jessica and Scott at Sell Now 4 Cash for all types of Real Estate needs. They proved to be very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and considerate. Having expressed my fears of going through this process while being located out of state, they walked through each and every step at my pace until I gained full confidence and was ready to move forward. Thank you Jessica and Scott for your hard work and support!

Penny , Birmingham AL

I had the very best possible experience using SJO Investments last month. I was in a truly horrible situation after my beloved 92 year old father recently passed away on my birthday, leaving me in the extremely stressful position of Successor Trustee of his estate. The house he had lived in for 50 years had a Reverse Mortgage on it and needed to be sold. Along with feeling the extremely painful loss of my father, I had the stress and sorrow of cleaning the entire house out all alone, and having to interview one aggressive real estate agent after another, along with an endless list of other grueling responsibilities. Sadly, I realized that none of the agents I had met with were what I needed for my painful and urgent situation. On a whim (after searching online) I decided to give SJO Investments a call. From the moment I made the appointment with Jessica, to the first meeting with Scott, to signing the contract, doing the walk-through with Chris and then later communicating with escrow, it was extremely smooth; and there was never any pressure on me from them in any way.

This team of investors was a complete blessing for me after all I have been through. I truly believe that Scott and Jessica were born to do this type of work. They are always in your corner and no matter what your questions are, they will help you and they always have a cheerful attitude. They made a HUGE problem I had melt away in days….

Maybe you are not in a situation that is as dire as mine is, but for those of us who are dealing with the loss of a parent or who are in charge of an Estate/Trust, and need help from experienced and caring people, this company will be at your service. The whole process was quick, and with no problems or issues (in my case). Even the escrow company they use for their transactions is extremely efficient and top-notch. I highly recommend this company and I already have.

Thank you, so much Scott, Jessica and Chris!

Rhamonna , Santa Ana CA

Our family was in a tight spot. We were taking care of two families with an already strained budget. Timing was of the essence. We needed to sell our house quickly, have flexibility with escrow, and funds at closing that would help with moving both families into new homes. We’ve contacted multiple businesses claiming to help people in our situation. Most never contacted us back. But SJO Investments did the same day. Scott and Jessica met with us. They explained the process, made an offer on the spot, and kept everything as simple as possible. We were informed each step of the way and they never hesitated to answer any questions we had. They are personal & friendly, yet professional & prompt. We couldn’t imagine anyone else being as patient and understanding as Scott and Jessica, especially in an industry that tends to prey on homeowners in our position. If you want fair, honest, professional and fast then look no further and submit the information above as we did. We recommend them with highest regards. You won’t regret it.

Scott and Jessica: Thank you so much for what you have done for us!!!

Steven & Jenny, Yucaipa, CA

Personal, honest, patient and professional. I live in West Virginia, being this far away and trying to sell a house in California can be hard to say the least. It was part of an estate, it had been sitting for 3 years and had squatters in it recently, it was a mess. I chose SJO because of Jessica. Out of the hundreds of letters I received and the dozens of investors I spoke with, she was the kindest and initially the most sincere sounding. I realized her sincerity even more as our business together progressed. She was extremely flexible and accommodating always willing to go out of her way. She never attempted to con me or apply sales tactics for the purchase. She viewed the home (this is where her patience came in, it took awhile) and presented me with an offer for what I wanted. She has a solid network of professionals that work efficiently and get the process completed quickly. She proved more helpful than the attorney handling the probate. She will work with you. If you want a fair deal and a good experience SJO is the company to work with.

Michelle B, West Virginia

This is in regards to the amazing experience that you have provided for me. I was in a huge bind, and did not know what to do or where to turn to. Thanks to this team, I’m able to continue pursuing my dreams! My experience is based on these factors:

  • Service
  • Speed
  • Communication
  • Value

A quick run down; we scheduled an appointment to view my condo, Scott & Jessica came in to evaluate and propose an offer right on the spot, same day and then took it from there.

I felt a great connection when working with Scott and Jessica. They valued me by being very patient and able to work around my busy schedule. If I had any questions, I was easily able to contact either one and they were always happy to answer them. They are very professional, and friendly at all times. There was no pressure, best of all, no huge realtor fees. I was easily able to meet my financial & move out goal dates with this team. They worked very quickly to open and close escrow. This is probably as fast as any sale will go.

I would highly recommend both Scott & Jessica. I give them 10/10 stars for making it possible for me to continue forward onto my own personal goals. It really means the world to me, and has been a tremendous life changer.

Wendell , Santa Ana, CA